Anonymous: I have a job interview coming up please help me I'm so nervous. I've never had one before and I've never had a serious job. I'm so shy and I'm a nervous awkward person. :/ what do I wear and how can I make a good impression like anything what do I do!!? :(

Well I want to tell you not to be too nervous but you can’t help it obviously so here are some simple tips (I’m assuming you’re quite young so these will be suited to a casual job) -

- Wear something that makes you feel confident and is casual but classy. I would suggest some jeans, a simple t-shirt and some sneakers.

- Try to look your interviewer in the eye.

- Try to reply with sentence answers, not just yes/no/one word.

- Show them that you’re able to communicate well with people (this basically sums up the previous two points). You’re probably going to have to deal with people as I’m assuming you’re young and will be working in retail or hospitality as opposed to behind the scenes at a big company. Show them that you’re capable of this.

- Just be yourself! And remember to smile.

- If you sense that your interviewer has a sense of humor or is a decent human being, mention that you’re just a little nervous! They’ll understand completely and find you to be honest and humble which are good qualities in an employee.

I hope this helped a little! Good luck angel, let me know how it goes :) x

Anonymous: My friend applied for the surf shop I think? And she said the resume went through you? But maybe she never ended up giving it, my bad :)

It depends on when this was because we’ve only recently started keeping them as we’re quite short staffed but you’ll have to check with her and it might be worth giving it to me again :) apologies for if it got lost in the clutter though x

Anonymous: Have you placed anyone's resume in there lately that will get a job there? (Like before you went away obviously) Because I'm scared that if I put a resume in soon they just won't bother with me because they're not looking for anyone for a few months

Not that I recall.

To be totally honest with you, the staff have a pretty big say in who gets hired because it’s a small business and we’re all young so we know some people better than our bosses do because we’re closer in age to them. So if somebody comes in and leaves us with a good impression, we’ll definitely remember them for the future.

I have a really good memory too, that’s why I said to drop it in to me because I’ll remember you and make sure it gets to my bosses :) x

Anonymous: What places did you work before you got the job at a surfshop?

I delivered newspapers before I was old enough to get a real job and then I worked at Subway for 3 years before working at the surf shop :)

Anonymous: Is your work hiring anyone new soon? Everyone the works there is so gorgeous ah like angels

We are actually taking resumes at the moment and usually start looking for people for summer in around November when it starts getting busier.

I’ll be back in the one in the shopping center on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of August (that’s all I know so far as I haven’t got the rest of the roster due to being away) so definitely come and drop your resume in to me so I know it’ll get passed along and I can put in a good word for you :)

It’s a great place to work and I absolutely love everybody there. I have the best bosses in the world too and we all have so much fun x

Anonymous: Do you miss your work, you seemed like you loved it?

I do love it and I’ll continue to love it when I’m home again but I love being on holidays too :)
I’m living in the present and enjoying this :)