Anonymous: What're a few smoothies that would be great to take to school? They're quick, easy and super good for you? Help! I'm in need :)

Sorry I’m replying to this so late! I was working all day and wanted to give you a good answer :) 

My number one answer is going to be my favourite food! Bananas are just to quick and easy and convenient and yum, I hope you like them! My best ever banana smoothie recipe is- 


I have also been putting molasses in it for iron. Of course you can leave the maca and cacao out if you want to but maca makes me feel incredible and cacao is yum and a great source of antioxidants.

I love starting my day with bananas because they fill me up and keep me going and you definitely need that if you’re at school all day so I’d recommend you use them as a base. Here are a few ideas- 

- bananas, water, oats, cinnamon 
- bananas, water, nut butter, vanilla
- bananas, water, strawberries
- bananas, water, chia seeds, blueberries 
- bananas, water, strawberries, green stuff (lettuce, kale, spinach, cucumber etc.) 

I’d say the best quick and easy smoothies aside from those would be any that contain fruits that you can eat whole! Like strawberries (you don’t have to cut the stems off, just blend and forget they’re there), apples (don’t worry about cutting out the core), cucumbers, pre washed greens, all sorts of berries and so many more! 

If you find yourself with some extra time in the afternoon, you could cut some fruit up to blend the next morning so as far as not so quick but yum combos go, these are my favourites- 

- strawberries, watermelon, oranges
- pineapple, green stuff
- apple, lemon, ginger, green stuff
- A combination of any of the above (the other day I took an orange, pineapple, spinach and strawberry to work for lunch and it was yuuuuuum)

I hope this helped! xxx


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